Kitchen Cabinet Painting Websites: SEO Checklist

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Pro Painter Websites: SEO Checklist

We build websites for contractors AND all industries but to illustrate our thoroughness with on page SEO we will specifically be looking at the multitude of things we do for a pro painter page.  This is  the exact step-by-step checklist we use for every SEO campaign we work on for a construction  website irrespective of whether it’s a painting website, plumber website, general contracting or roofing website.

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ROBO SPY makes this promise to you. When we complete this list for one of your web pages for your contractor website you will never have to improve that particular page again for on-page SEO as it will be impeccable.  Pretty good deal right?  On this page we will walk you through, step-by-step, ROBO SPY’S entire on- page SEO checklist for every pro painter website we do during the contractor web design process for an optimized website. So, to begin with let’s start with the basics, which is:

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing a single page on your pro painting website.  This is not to be confused with on-SITE SEO which is the process of optimizing an entire painting contractor website.

Sometimes seeing where the “on-page SEO” is (blue circle), in the oftentimes confusing matrix of SEO, can be helpful in pinpointing the relationship to other areas of SEO. 

areas of seo

It’s also important to mention the difference between on-page SEO versus off-page SEO when we’re taking over or making from scratch, a  painting contractors website.

on page seo vs off page seo

Off-page SEO includes activities done off of a painting  contractors website in an effort to increase the site’s search engine rankings and make more money for the painter.


Link building or “off-page SEO” is the process of acquiring back links to your contractors website. Common off-page SEO actions include building backlinks, encouraging branded searches but also includes increasing engagement and shares on social media.  In other words: off-page SEO is all the stuff that you do off of your site to get Google and other search engines to see your website as trustworthy and authoritative and having expertise in that particular area, whether you’re a general contractor, doctor, lawyer or writer.

cool website

So, while on-page SEO is the foundation you need to rank you’ll usually need a substantial offsite SEO plan to acquire back links to your pages and painter website as a whole.

Now, the next question is:

Why is on-page SEO for your contractor website SO important?

Most contractors with a contractor website have what can be described as basic knowledge of SEO and will typically just wrongly assume that on-page SEO involves simply placing a handful of keywords on a page. There’s no denying that keywords are critical for on-page optimization but there are another 80 things that should be done to every single page of your contractor website to stand the best chance at getting listed in the top of the Organic listings.

key words are critical

Keywords are critical for on page optimization but there is much more to the process.  As you’ll soon find out, on-page optimization for your contractor website includes: 

  • Keywords
  • Copy Writing
  • Media
  • Links
  • User Experience
  • Conversions
on page optimization

Understanding and executing all of these on-page SEO factors is important because it will determine how well your pro painter page will rank in Google. What SEO For Painters will be showing you isn’t just about rankings though. This checklist will show you exactly how we optimize your pages on your painting contractor website to the fullest extent and how we also help you increase dwell time to build rapport for your brand and even drive conversions.

drive conversions

This is how we do on-page SEO step-by-step. At Robo Spy we do SEO for painters and follow this checklist to achieve great organic search results which will in turn make the phone calls and emails come in more than ever giving you many more opportunities to bid and therefore land perfectly optimized pages for your painting contractor website. That means you will out rank your competition on Page One of the Organics wore work. All because we were so incredibly thorough with the on-page optimization of your painting contractor website.

Table of Contents

The first part of this process is performance.

1. Do you have google analytics tracking set up?

google analytics set up

We need a way to measure the SEO performance of your page and Google Analytics is the best there is. If you have an existing pro painter site and you don’t have Google Analytics set up we will set it up for you. If we are building a site for you then we will also set it up for you.

robot working on computer programming

2. Are you tracking your primary keyword phrase?

tracking primary keyword phrase
keyword research tool

We track your primary keyword phrase for your pro painter website or roofing website

Crawling and indexing.

3. Is your page crawlable?

is page crawlable

You wont do well if Google’s spiders can’t access your pro painter page.

4. Is your page indexable?

is page indexable

You won’t rank on Google unless you have a crawlable page so that’s the first thing that has to be done. Making sure that your contractor page actually gets indexed is the second step. By simply copying your URL and pasting it into Google we can find out if the page has been indexed by Google.

google serp optimizing

Established pages should show up and if they don’t then we figure out why.  Now it’s time to optimize your page for your primary keyword.  This is where things get exciting 

5. Are you targeting the right keywords?

key word targeting

Some pro painters, who don’t do SEO for a living, overestimate their ability to rank for certain keywords. We need to go through extensive keyword qualification, in competitor analysis, processes to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords.First, we run your keyword through SpyFu keyword explorer tool. and you can quickly eliminate keywords based on keyword difficulty or KD.

New websites or ones that lack authority shouldn’t target keywords greater than a KD of 50.

link building hand on screen

Total linking group domains, which we export from Spyfu, Search Engine Ranking, SemRush or Ahrefs keyword explorer and word count. So now we have a roadmap of what we need to do to compete for your target keyword phrase.

6. have you already targeted this keyword?

have you targeted this keyword before

Keyword cannibalization occurs when multiple pages target the same primary keyword phrase.

keyword cannibalization

This is something we will determine if you already have a website and it’s something that we won’t be guilty of if we create your pro painter website for you. It will be a priority from the onset of your SEO campaign to not have pages cannabalizing one another.  So heres our strategy. We target one primary keyword per page and then focus on creating and updating that one page. We won’t create or optimize another page for the same primary keyword.

We use the Hub and Spoke Content Strategy.

hub content strategy

 Now our next task is to determine if your page satisfies searcher intent

7. Does your page satisfy search intent?

search intent

There are four primary categories of search intent

types of search intent

1. Informational

2. Transactional

3. Comparison Query

4. Navigational

Understanding the intent behind your keyword should dictate how you structure your intent 

sales funnel

8. Is your primary keyword in the title?

primary keyword in title

Your primary keyword should be in your page’s title tag

9. Is your title click worthy?

is title click worthy

Google uses the words in your title tag to understand what your page is about. It’s critical that we make your title as eye catching and click worthy as possible

10. Can you add modifiers to your title?

add modifiers

Title modifiers like “best”, “top” or the year “2020” for example can help you capture more long tail organic search traffic

11. Have you used all of your title tag real estate?

title tag real estate

Google SERPS will truncate your title at the 66’th character mark so we at Robo Spy take full advantage of this character real estate and make sure your keyword is toward the front of the title and after that, we use all the copywriting techniques we can to entice searchers to click on your result.

12. Is your title tag wrapped in an H1 tag?

is page title wrapped in hi tag

 Every page on your website should have an H1 tag

13. Is your primary keyword in the meta description?

is primary keyword in meta description

Google typically rewrites meta descriptions but it’s smart to write a descriptive one that includes your primary keyword anyway.  Just to cover your bases

14. Is your meta description click worthy?

is your meta description click worthy

 Like your title, you should try to make your meta description as click worthy as possible

15. Is your primary keyword in the URL?

is your primary keyword in the url

Having the primary keyword in the URL will work out favorably for you as Google has stated that having your keyword in the URL is a ranking factor

16. Is your URL structure lean?

is your url structure lean

Shorter URLs perform better so leave only your target keyword phrases

17. Is your primary keyword in the first sentence?

is your primary keyword in the first sentence

Placing your target keyword phrase in the first sentence is a perfect way to achieve the goal of allowing Google’s algorithm to know exactly what  your page is about

18. Is your keyword density too aggressive relative to your competitors?

is your keyword density too aggressive

We check your competition to identify the average keyword density for your targeted keyword phrase.  Then we compare your density to that average and tweak the content when required

19. Have you added variations of your primary keyword into the copy?

have you added keyword variations

It’s clever to construct your pages around one primary keyword, however, you should also try to rank that page for all the closely related variations as well

20. Have you added synonyms (LSI keywords) of your primary keyword into the copy?

have you added synonyms

Although it’s important to structure your page around your primary keyword you also need to interweave other relevant synonyms and topics around it. Essentially, your page should be answering every question and solving every problem around your targeted keyword phrase.

21. Is your page different and better than your competitors?

is your page different and better than competition

Unique is better than long.  Every page on your website that you want to rank needs to bring something new and fresh to the table. Always approach your content from the angle of: How are we going to make this page different than what currently exists while adding more value?

make copy different

Your page’s UX and UI must be better than your competitors

22. Is your copy free of spelling and grammatical errors?

copy free of spelling errors

At Robo Spy Agency we use Grammarly to find spelling and grammatical errors

grammarly grammar tool

23. Is your copy longer, (on average) than your competitors?

is copy longer

 Your copy needs to be completely different than your competitors, not just longer

24. Is your copy well written?

is copy well written

Just because you wrote 4000 words doesn’t mean it’s good.  Either you’re an excellent writer or you’re not.  If you are then great, write your own content but if you’re not then hire a pro.  We specialize in SEO content creation at Robo Spy.

25. Is your copy well scannable?

is copy scannable

 Internet users scan before they read so your content needs to be scannable 

scannability test

26. Is your copy written for an 8th grader?

is copy written for an 8th grader

Your content should be written to be understood and actionable

8th grade pens

If someone can’t understand what you’re talking about then that’s going to be an issue 

content should be actionable

Visitors to your website are inherently self interested users who will want to know asap how you’re going to help them

27. Is your copy engaging?

is copy engaging

Being engaging when you write is critically important. People need to consume your content before they take action. If users are engaged and entertained while digesting your content that is a positive signal for your page. Google see’s that dwell time then rewards you by placing your page higher in the SERPS. It’s all about keeping users engaged.