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JavaScript has undergone amazing developments in the last few years.  From web development to machine learning. It is the perfect language to learn if you want to improve your SEO skills. Programming and automation are increasingly popular topics in the SEO industry, and rightfully so. Leveraging new ways to extract, transform, and analyze data at […]


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Regex, or Regular Expressions, is essentially a tool for pattern matching. Regex is a staple of search engines, find and replace utilities, and is a native or add-on capability of many programming languages. Combining “Find” with a web crawler can be extremely powerful for identifying errors and extracting data. This feature is still relatively new […]


Structured Query Language, or SQL, is the programming language used with databases, and it is an important skill for any data scientist. BigQuery is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data. It is a Platform as a Service that supports querying using ANSI SQL. It also has built-in machine […]


Apps Script is a scripting platform developed by Google for light-weight application development in the Google Workspace platform. Google Apps Script was initially developed by Mike Harm as a side project while working as a developer on Google Sheets. App scripts for seo. Even with a few lines of code you can automate and extend your SEO workflow. Want to […]


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