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Broken Link Building

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Broken Link Building

What is Broken Link Building?

Broken link building involves finding broken external links on other websites in your niche and reaching out and recommending your own content as a replacement.

Broken link building takes a well thought out and effective strategy. For broken link building to be successful, you need to break down your process into three steps:

Finding broken links from relevant web pages
Identifying (or creating) content that is worth linking to
Conducting outreach to persuade a website owner to replace the dead link on their page with yours.

It sounds simple, but the hardest part of the process is usually finding opportunities at scale. There are ways that you can speed up and optimize the task of finding opportunities, and we can walk you through the steps to properly develop a broken link building plan.

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FREE Broken Link Building GUIDES

A Simple (But Complete) Guide to Broken Link Building
Joshua Hardwick / Ahrefs
Broken Link Building
Broken Link Building: What You Need to Know to Get Links
Adam Heitzman / Search Engine Journal
A Full Guide to Broken Link Building
Connor Lahey / SEMrush
Broken Link Building Tips for Increasing Search Rankings, Authority, & Traffic
Belynda Cianci / databox


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