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Keyword Mapping

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Keyword Mapping

A keyword Map:

Aligns the keywords that prospective customers are using with the pages on your website, while providing a blueprint for adding new pages to attract more traffic. Keyword mapping is best done after you’ve performed thorough keyword research.

Why Bother With a Keyword Map?

Without a keyword map, your keyword strategy will lack direction and purpose. Before you set goals for your SEO campaign, you need to know the following:

Which keywords you’re targeting?

How much search volume there is to support your strategy
Where you want to be positioned in your industry.

A clear map should answer these three needs so that you can set better expectations for your SEO campaign and what kinds of content you’ll develop as part of your ongoing on-site and off-site optimization strategy.

Keyword Targeting Matters

Implementing a keyword map helps search engines better understand what your page should rank for.

What’s more, page-level keyword targeting is the third most important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm according to Moz’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors survey.

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