2. Learn to execute an seo process


A Roadmap with Free Guides & Tools

Do you want to start learning or expanding your Search Engine Optimization learning process to become or grow further as an SEO specialist and don’t know how? You’ve come to the right place! Learning SEO features a roadmap to learn SEO with free comprehensive guides, resources and tools. 


The difference between strategy, roadmap, and objectives
The core of an SEO strategy is the roadmap, a high-level plan of your objectives over time. Imagine you would bake a cake: the strategy is the type of cake for the right occasion, the roadmap is the recipe, and the objectives are the ingredients.

Strategy = roadmap + presentation x vision x transformation

Roadmap = objectives / time

Objective = component + goal

An objective could be to implement XML sitemaps by date x. Or optimize 75 meta-titles to get x% more traffic (more about traffic increases in a bit). The component is what you want to optimize.

If you would use Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, the strategy would be the “why”, the roadmap the “what”, and the objectives the “how”.

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2. Learn to execute an seo process

1. Learn Seo Basics