2. Learn to execute an seo process


A Roadmap with Free Guides & Tools

Do you want to start learning or expanding your Search Engine Optimization learning process to become or grow further as an SEO specialist and don’t know how? You’ve come to the right place! Learning SEO features a roadmap to learn SEO with free comprehensive guides, resources and tools. 


Managing an SEO project involves juggling many moving parts. For agencies, this job is made all the more difficult because this is being done across several clients at varying stages and levels of complexity. The more client projects, the more people involved. Things can become disorganized very quickly. This is why you need a solid SEO Project Management framework and process which is systemized.

Any given SEO project may contain up to 8 (!) moving parts or many more:

On-page SEO Site Audit
Fixing on-page SEO issues (eg site speed, broken links, etc)
Keyword Research
Ongoing outreach for link building
Backlink analysis
Content production
Blogger/PR outreach
Existing content optimization

A well-documented system will make it easy to scale (add more clients, more projects) and be robust enough that you can induct new team members or interchange team members easily without a large training burden or need for upskilling.

seo process management


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2. Learn to execute an seo process

1. Learn Seo Basics